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Sound Decisions. Superior Management.

Kamla Hotels provides comprehensive management services that deliver a top quality hotel experience. Whether we're in the initial phase of acquisition, development or daily management, our multiple areas of expertise have helped us develop a solid track record of success. At Kamla, we believe effective hotel management consists of two primary components: the ability of the management team to generate the maximum possible RevPAR in comparison to the property's competitive set and to convert that RevPAR into as much sustainable cash flow available for our clients as possible. Therefore, every property follows a specific plan and budget, ensuring great results and sound fiscal responsibility.

Our management team consists of savvy industry professionals who have a wide range of industry, business and technological skill sets. Because of their deep expertise in these areas, Kamla Hotels' technology, brand and marketing efforts are all handled in-house. The management team deftly assesses market opportunities, develops marketing strategies, and focuses on an ROI-centric analysis to guide the team's decision-making process.

Efficient Operations

Savvy Sales and Marketing

Integrity in Finance and Accounting

Revenue Optimization

Human Resources and Legal Counsel

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