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Our Values

At Kamla Hotels we Believe if there is a will, THERE IS THE KAMLA WAY...


Integrity is the foundation on which we build strong relationships by being transparent, trustworthy and dependable. At Kamla, we are empowered by having integrity in all that we do.


Courage is the willingness to step beyond the familiar, established, and dependable. At Kamla, we demonstrate the courage to do what is right by all our stakeholders.


Creativity is turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. It involves both strategy and action. By nurturing a creative environment we free ourselves from the confines of the ordinary.


Collaboration is working together in owning the results and providing solutions that make a difference.


Community is a collective energy, safe, friendly work environment, and strong inter-company support. Our commitment to community reaches beyond Kamla into the communities where we live and conduct business.


Sustainability is our environmental and social responsibility commitment which guides the principles that everyone at Kamla works with - each and every day - to ensure we are doing our part to build and maintain a more promising today, tomorrow, and future.

The Kamla way is taking full ownership of all individual, team actions and the outcomes.

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