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Proven Development Strategies

Franchises - Our management experts conduct extensive research and develop the franchise relationships best suited for each hotel. We carefully assess all relevant business factors and finalize the chosen franchise agreements. Then, we put the operational systems and brand marketing plans in place, competitively positioning each hotel for its respective market.

New Development - We offer full-service development capabilities, backed by commitment to building the highest quality properties on time and on budget. This unwavering focus enables us to provide our clients an excellent investment value with the potential to generate a healthy revenue stream for the years to come. Whether you need market analysis and site identification, help with government approvals, design and construction, or grand opening marketing and staffing, we're here to help.
Redevelopment - One of Kamla's main strengths is our ability to recognize the value of hotel properties other management companies might miss-and rapidly acquire it to our advantage. This is due to our extensive industry network of business relationships that helps us stay on top of the ongoing commercial real estate market.

When we take on an undervalued property with high ROI potential, we then work on developing a budget and timeline that best suits our investment criteria. Based on this budget, we renovate the property using the highest quality materials that are affordable, practice green redevelopment techniques, and help realize the unique potential that our clients and management team have envisioned for the hotel. The result often yields a high rate of return and profits for all involved.

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