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Acquisitions That Enhance Revenue

At Kamla Hotels, we take a long-term approach with our acquisitions and capital investments. Our strategy focuses on identifying undervalued hotels that have plenty of market potential, which we determine through our industry relationships with hospitality agents, financial institutions, and other partners. We then renovate and re-position the hotels in their market to gain a competitive advantage.

We also offer acquisition services for our clients, working closely with them to determine the criteria and selection process. At Kamla, each potential acquisition goes through rigorous internal underwriting and market research. We analyze the information to ensure the investment is sound. Then, we provide the analysis and our recommendations to our clients to help ensure that the property is a good fit for their specific long-term goals. Once our client decides to move forward, we then negotiate the purchase and sale agreement as well as work with lenders to secure necessary debt and handle legal document throughout the acquisition.

Kamla Hotels has been equally successful in acquiring properties in higher-priced markets. These two business practices have helped us produce steady revenue growth-an impressive feat in an industry that is cyclical in nature, and in an era in which many hotel companies struggle to stay operational.

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