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Who We Are

Kamla Hotels is an innovative hotel management and hospitality company that acquires, develops and manages both franchise and independent hospitality assets for its clients in California-plus continually sets higher standards for excellence.

Established in 2006, Kamla has built a sterling reputation for providing the expertise, management strategies and the personal attention needed to ensure the success of its properties. Whether a property requires renovation or re-positioning, Kamla delivers the results on time and on budget. At Kamla, hotel management procedures are streamlined for more efficiency. All operations on every property-from finance and technology, to sales and marketing-are centralized to ensure a better ROI for our clients.

Kamla Hotels is a privately-held company based out of greater Los Angeles in Cerritos, California. As a business organization, Kamla upholds a tried and true philosophy for success-giving one's best in every situation. This management credo has attracted a team of like-minded individuals who have helped Kamla become one of the fastest-growing hospitality firms in California. It has also been the key to helping Kamla realize a profitable, long-term investment strategy for the company's diverse clients.

The Lotus-Our Symbol of Commitment to You

Our company name, Kamla, and our logo-which is a graphic illustration of the Lotus flower-represent both the meaning and symbol of hospitality. In many cultures, including several religions in the Far East, the Lotus is also known as a symbol of purity, faithfulness, enlightenment and renewal. The Lotus produces a stunningly beautiful flower even when it grows out in of the murkiest of waters. This characteristic is a perfect analogy for the enduring strength of human spirit, which strives to prevail in every situation.

At Kamla Hotels, everyone from our management team to our hospitality associates understands and abides by this same guiding principle: to deliver the best business services and personal attention for all of our customers and guests. This is what has made Kamla Hotels the success it is today—and will continue to be in the future.

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